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MICHAEL MANN's (Director/Co-Writer of Screenplay/Producer) most recent film was the 1995 worldwide critical and commercial success, "Heat." It was developed from a script first written by him in 1982, and starred Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer and Jon Voight.

Born in Chicago and educated at the University of Wisconsin, Mann moved to England in the mid 1960s to do graduate work at the London Film School. After graduating, he remained in Europe where he started a small production company making documentaries and commercials for television.

In 1972, he returned to the United States where he directed the documentary "17 Days Down the Line," following a road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles. Concentrating on developing skills as a writer during the mid 1970s, Mann wrote some early episodes of the television series "Starsky and Hutch," "Police Story," and wrote the pilot, creating the series "Vegas." This television work led him to direct his first feature-length project "The Jericho Mile" (1979), originally made for TV, but later released theatrically outside the U.S. The film won an Emmy and a Directors Guild of America Award for Mann as Best Director.

Mann's auspicious feature film debut was "Thief" (1981), a modernist thriller starring James Caan as a high line burglar. The film was shot in Chicago and also featured Chicago Police Detective Dennis Farina, later to become known for his lead in Mann's "Crime Story" TV series. In 1983, Mann wrote and directed "The Keep," mainly filmed at Shepperton Studios in the U.K., a gothic horror film starring Gabriel Byrne, Scott Glenn and Ian McKellen.

"Manhunter" (1986), Mann's interpretation of Thomas Harris' book Red Dragon, was a menacing psychological drama featuring Brian Cox as Hannibal Lecter.

In the mid 1980s, Michael Mann renewed his involvement with television, making "Miami Vice" which was created by Tony Yerkovich, and "Crime Story," set in Chicago and Las Vegas. In 1989, he made the six-hour "Drug Wars: The Camarena Story," which won an Emmy for the best miniseries.

In 1992, Mann directed, co-wrote and co-produced the epic 18th century drama set in the frontier wilderness, "The Last of the Mohicans," starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeline Stowe.


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