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JUDD NELSON (Ken Knowles) first came to moviegoers' attention with his acclaimed performance in two ensemble dramas, John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club" and Joel Schumacher's "St. Elmo's Fire." He also co-starred in such films as "New Jack City," "Fandango," "Airheads." "The Dark Backward," "From the Hip," "Every Breath" (which he also co-wrote) and "Making the Grade," his big screen debut.

He will next be seen in two soon-to-be-released comedies, "The Cure for Boredom," playing an arrogant hitman alongside co-star Seymour Cassell, and the just completed "Endsville," a mockumentary feature about a religious cult.

Nelson will soon be seen as the controversial 1950s disc jockey and radio pioneer Alan Freed in the television film "Mr. Rock and Roll — The Alan Freed Story." Nelson is also starring in "Cabin by the Lake," playing a writer hounded by his agent to finish his latest effort about a serial killer, and the Fox Family remake of the 1946 classic "The Spiral Staircase." He will also be seen in the Disney Sunday night movie, "Hide and Shriek."

Nelson starred for three seasons as Brooke Shields' boss and romantic foil on the sitcom "Suddenly Susan." He also starred in the Golden Globe-winning miniseries "Billionaire Boys Club" and the television film "Hiroshima."


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