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BILL PAXTON (Brock Lovett) has established himself as one of Hollywood's most adventurous actors, known to audiences from his numerous roles in films of every genre. "Titanic" reunites Paxton with director James Cameron, for whom he appeared in "True Lies," "Aliens" and "The Terminator."

In 1996, Paxton starred in the worldwide hit "Twister," following his leading role in the Academy Award®-nominated "Apollo 13." He most recently starred in the critically acclaimed independent feature "Traveller," in which he also served as producer on the project. Paxton has just completed production on "Mighty Joe Young," due out in the summer of 1998. He will next star in HBO's "A Bright Shining Lie," now in production in Southeast Asia and the biggest budgeted project for the cable network to date.

In 1992, Paxton emerged as a true leading man with Carl Franklin's acclaimed thriller "One False Move," which earned him critical praise and the 1992 LAFCA New Generation Award. Paxton got his start in Hollywood in 1974, working as a set dresser on Roger Corman's "Big Bad Mama." After several features, he moved to New York where he studied acting. Upon his return to Los Angeles, he began a film career that would grow to include roles in such films as "The Lords of Discipline," "Weird Science," "The Evening Star," "Tombstone" and continues what has now become an extraordinary relationship with Jim Cameron.


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