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MICHELLE YEOH, easily the most prominent female performer in the almost-exclusively male Asian action cinema, stars as Wai Lin, China's secret weapon and James Bond's most formidable ally.

Born Yeoh Choo Kheng in Ipoh, Malaysia, Yeoh earned an international standing as a teenage athlete. Her passion for ballet led her to enroll in the Royal Academy of Dance in London, where she attained an Advanced Level degree. Eventually she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Arts in England.

In 1983, Yeoh returned to Malaysia where she was eventually crowned Miss Malaysia, as well as 'Miss Mooba' in Melbourne the same year, which led to her being invited to Hong Kong to make a commercial with Jackie Chan. Instantly, she became the most sought after new star in the movie industry.

She signed with D & B Films and debuted in 1985 in a non-action role in the action comedy, Owls v. Dumbo. It was her second film, Yes, Madam, which established her as the premiere female action stars in Asia. Her next two pictures, Royal Warriors (also known as In The Line Of Duty) and Magnificent Warriors further fortified her position.

Her training in dance contributed to one of Yeoh's unique characteristics -- she performs her own stunts. In 1988, after only one more picture (Easy Money), she married and retired from the screen.

After a four year marriage, she made an astonishing comeback. Police Story III: Supercop, co-starring Jackie Chan, was the top-grossing film in Asia in 1992 and garnered Yeoh a huge cult following in America and abroad. She soon became the most popular and highest paid actress in Asia. In the next two years she made a total of eight pictures, including cult classics The Heroic Trio and T'ai Chi Master.

In 1995, Yeoh starred in two dramatic films in a row: the period epic The Soong Sisters and Stuntwoman, directed by Ann Hui, acclaimed for Summer Snow.

In addition, Yeoh is also a committee member of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund and the Honorary Patron of KELY Support Group.


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