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Working mostly in America, British director Roger Spottiswoode (director) has earned himself a growing reputation for a range of subjects.

Spottiswoode was cutting British documentaries and TV commercials before starting his feature career in the early 70s in Hollywood as a film editor for Sam Peckinpah. His first film as a director was Terror Train, followed by , Under Fire, The Best of Times, Shoot to Kill, Turner and Hooch, Air America.

He has also directed a number of successful made-for-cable films which received a number of nominations and awards, including "The Last Innocent Man", "Time Flies When You're Alive", "Third Degree Burn" and "And The Band Played On".

More recently he directed the 3-hour television feature film Hiroshima for Showtime, followed by the critically acclaimed Movie of the Week, "Murder Live", for NBC.


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