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Hemingway, who recently completed production on the independent films "Little Men," "Road Ends," and "Drop Dead," will also be making her directing debut in A&E's "Moveable Feast," based on her grandfather's novel of the same name. Other film credits include "Creator," "The Mean Season," "Superman IV," "Sunset," "Delirious" and "Falling From Grace."

Hemingway was born in Mill Valley, California, and moved to Ketchum, Idaho when she was four. A member of the Hemingway clan (grandfather Ernest died just before Mariel was born), Mariel grew up skiing, horseback riding, swimming and hiking.

Hemingway made her television series debut in the critically acclaimed Bochco drama "Civil Wars" (receiving a Golden Globe nomination). Other television credits include the NBC-TV movie "Desperate Rescue," the ABC mini-series "Amerika," and the World of Audubon's "Desperately Seeking Sanctuary: America's Wildlife Refugees" for TBS.


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