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RICHARD CLAUS (Producer) was born in Kassel, Germany. After graduating from the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin in 1976, he produced and directed German films and telefilms. In 1986, with former partner Chris Sievernich, he founded the production company Delta Film Gmbh. Claus served as managing director of both the distribution and production companies.

His producing credits include such German top­grossers as Doris Doerrie's "Paradies" and Michael Strauven's "Als Die Liebe Laufen Lernte." Since 1993 he has been producing and distributing under Comet Film Gmbh and in 1995 he entered into a partnership with director/producer Anthony Waller and Comet's managing director, Klaus Bauschulte, under the banner of Cometstone to produce feature films for the international market.

He was the executive producer on the award winning "Mute Witness" directed by Waller. He is currently working on his next feature under the Cometstone banner "The Little Vampire," which is based on the best­selling book series.


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