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Academy Award-winning producer JIM WILSON is a graduate of Antioch College and the Berkeley Film Institute. After college, he went on to found American Twist Productions, where he produced and directed numerous short films for clients such as The U.S. Tennis Association, Congoleum, Volvo, The Robert F. Kennedy Foundation and Kodak.

Wilson's first directorial effort in feature films was 1983's "Stacy's Knights," written by Michael Blake and starring Costner in his first leading role. Wilson then directed "The Movie Maker" in 1985 and served as associate producer on "Revenge," which also starred Costner.

In 1988 Wilson partnered with Costner to form Tig Productions. In 1990, the duo produced the epic "Dances With Wolves," which Costner both starred in and directed. Written by Michael Blake, the film went on to win seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Wilson produced the blockbuster "The Bodyguard" with Lawrence Kasdan, who also wrote the screenplay, and Costner, who starred with Whitney Houston. He then produced "Wyatt Earp" with Kasdan directing and Costner, Dennis Quaid and Gene Hackman starring.

Wilson and Costner also produced "Rapa Nui" starring Jason Scott Lee, and served as executive producers on the eight-hour television documentary "500 Nations."


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