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TOM HANKS (Joe Fox) re-teams with Meg Ryan after their successful romantic comedy duet in Nora Ephron's Sleepless in Seattle and their Joe vs. the Volcano.

Hanks is one of today's most admired and respected actors. He was the first actor in 50 years to be awarded back-to-back Academy Awards -- receiving the 1993 Oscar for his compelling performance as an AIDS-stricken lawyer in Philadelphia and the 1994 Oscar for the challenging title role in Forrest Gump. Hanks has also been honored with Golden Globe Awards, the People's Choice Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Los Angeles and Chicago Film Critics' Awards, the National Association of Theater Owners Male Star of the Year Award and the Hollywood Women's Press Club Award, among others.

He most recently starred in the critically acclaimed box-office hit, Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, in which he plays a WW II captain who is sent on a mission to rescue the only surviving brother in a family of four sons. Hanks also was lauded for his performance as astronaut Jim Lovell in Ron Howard's Oscar-nominated space-exploration epic, Apollo 13.

In 1996, Hanks made his feature-film writing and directing debut with the critically praised comedy That Thing You Do!, the story of the meteoric rise to fame of a 1964 rock band.

Hanks got his first big break in the comedy television series "Bosom Buddies" and went on to starring roles in the films Bachelor Party and Ron Howard's Splash. His many other film credits include Volunteers, The Money Pit, Nothing in Common, A League of Their Own and Punchline. He earned his first Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award for his endearing performance as the little boy in a businessman's body in Big, which also won him the Los Angeles Film Critics Best Actor Award. In 1993, he received a Golden Globe nomination for his work in Sleepless in Seattle. Hanks also created the role of Cowboy Woody in the Disney animated classic Toy Story.

Last year Hanks executive produced HBO's multi-Emmy-winning "From the Earth to the Moon," a 12-hour anthology exploring the Apollo space program. He directed the first episode and wrote and appears in the final episode.

Currently Hanks is completing production on The Green Mile for Castle Rock and Warner Bros., in which he stars as a prison guard who builds a unique relationship with an inmate who possesses a miraculous gift.


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