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JIM CAVIEZEL plays Private Witt, the Kentucky-born idealist and former regimental boxer, who goes AWOL only to later rejoin the Company he loves.

Growing up in rural Mount Vernon, Washington, acting was far from Caviezel's mind. But, while still in his teens, Caviezel decided to test his acting abilities by auditioning in Seattle for a small part as an Italian ticket agent in "My Own Private Idaho." He fooled casting agents into believing he was a recent Italian immigrant.

Caviezel moved to California to pursue his acting career. Soon thereafter he was cast in the movie "Diggstown." In 1993, Caviezel was accepted to the renowned performing arts school Julliard. At the same time, he was cast as Kevin Costner's youngest brother in "Wyatt Earp."

He then landed a part in the mini-series "Children of the Dust," with Sidney Poitier, and the Ridley Scott-directed "G.I. Jane." He next plays the fierce leader of a gang of Civil War bushwhackers in Ang Lee's drama "Ride With the Devil."


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