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Writer/director MARK HERMAN transformed Jim Cartwright's hit play "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice" from a wildly magical stage performance to a modern motion picture fairy tale set amidst a dilapidated but charming Northern sea town where a host of unusual characters come to life.

Herman previously drew acclaim for writing and directed "Brassed Off," another North Atlantic comedy about the adventures of a working-class brass band. The film garnered French and German Oscars as well as the Evening Standard Peter Sellers Award for Comedy. Prior to that, Herman made his feature film debut with the Disney comedy "Blame It on the Bell"

After graduating from the National Film School, Herman made the Oscar-winning short "See You At Wembley, Frankie Walsh" and went on to write and direct the Channel 4 short "Unusual Ground Floor Conversion." He has also written for the British television sitcom "The 1096ers" and, as a lyricist, wrote songs for 80s U.K. chart-toppers The Christians, including their massive hit "Ideal World."


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