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JOHN MADDEN's most recent film was the hugely successful Miramax film "Mrs. Brown," starring Judi Dench and Billy Connolly. The story of Queen Victoria's catalytic friendship with a servant, the film garnered 2 Oscar and 8 BAFTA nominations and went on to win Judi Dench the BAFTA for Best Actress.

Madden began his directing career in the English theater, moving later to the BBC to work in television and radio drama. John Madden made his first feature film, "Ethan Frome," for Miramax in 1990, adapted by Richard Nelson from Edith Wharton's novella, starring Liam Neeson and Patricia Arquette. His next film was "Golden Gate," starring Matt Dillon and Joan Chen.

In 1975 he moved to America to develop radio drama with Earplay, the National Public Radio drama project. Winning the Prix Italia with Arthur Kopit's "Wings," he subsequently directed the play for the stage at Yale, Broadway and the National Theater in London. Further stage work included the premieres of Jules Feiffer's "Grown Ups," Christopher Durang's "Beyond Therapy," and Arnold Wesker's "Caritas". During this time, he taught in the acting and playwriting programs at the Yale School of Drama.

In 1984 he began to work extensively in film, directing for the BBC and for commercial television in the UK. His films included "Poppyland," "After the War," "The Widowmaker" and several films in the "Inspector Morse" series. His episode of "Prime Suspect - The Lost Child" received a BAFTA nomination and his BBC film "Truth or Dare" won the Scottish BAFTA for Best Single Drama. Madden has returned to the UK and now lives in London.


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