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ETHAN HAWKE (Ishmael Chambers) most recently starred in The Newton Boys (with Matthew McConaughey), Great Expectations (with Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert DeNiro), and the sci-fi futuristic thriller Gattaca (with Uma Thurman and Jude Law).

Hawke is the founder of a New York-based theatre company, Malaparte, and has directed a short film (Straight To One, which aired on PBS) as well as published his first novel, The Hottest State (Little Brown, 1996).

Making his feature debut at age 14 in Explorers, Hawke went on to star in Dead Poets Society, Dad and White Fang (from the Jack London classic). Other films include Rich in Love (with Albert Finney), Waterland (with Jeremy Irons), A Midnight Clear and Alive. He has also played leading man to Winona Ryder in Reality Bites and to Julie Delpy in the critically-acclaimed Before Sunrise.

Hawke was born in Austin, Texas, eventually settling in Princeton, New Jersey, where he studied acting. He has worked with the National Actors Theatre and, in Chicago, the famed Steppenwolf group. He currently resides in New York.


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