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JAMES CROMWELL (Judge Fielding) is forever memorable for his Oscar-nominated performance as Farmer Hoggett in Babe. He has since proven his versatility in L. A. Confidential, playing a corrupt police captain; The People vs. Larry Flynt, portraying a crooked financier; and Star Trek: First Contact, playing a legendary space scientist. Other recent films include Babe: Pig in the City, and most recently, The General's Daughter.

Projects currently due for release include The Green Mile for Paramount Pictures and The Bachelor for New Line Cinema, TNT's A Slight Case of Murder and HBO's RKO 281.

Cromwell is the scion of a notable show business family. His father, director John Cromwell (Bette Davis' Of Human Bondage) had dual careers in theatre and film, and was an early president of the Directors Guild; his mother, Kay Johnson, was a stage and film actress, and his stepmother, Ruth Nelson, also an actress, was an original member of the legendary Group Theatre. He followed family tradition by marrying actress/director Julie Cobb, daughter of the late Lee J. Cobb.

The actor's early career bespeaks the character of the man himself. After studying at Carnegie-Mellon (then Carnegie Tech), he worked at the Cleveland Playhouse before heading for England for a summer-long celebration of Shakespeare's birth. Upon his return, he toured black communities in the rural South at the height of the civil rights struggle, and directed as well as acted for the Free Southern Theatre.

Cromwell made his film debut in Murder By Death opposite such movie greats as Sir Alex Guinness and Maggie Smith. Other credits include Eraser (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) and The Babe, a film biography of baseball legend Babe Ruth. He and his family live in Los Angeles.

He is the founder of Hecel Oyakapi, a foundation committed to preserving the language and culture of the Oglala Lakota through the arts.


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