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DENNIS QUAID (Jack "Cap" Rooney) is one of America's most charismatic and versatile leading men. In 1998, Quaid received stellar reviews for the Oliver Stone production "Savior," in which he played a French-American mercenary who reclaims his humanity by rescuing a girl orphaned by the Bosnian War.

Also in 1998, Quaid starred in the remake of the 1961 classic "The Parent Trap," which was a summer hit, and made his directorial debut for TNT with the critically acclaimed "Everything That Rises."

He received noteworthy recognition for his roles as Doc Holiday in Lawrence Kasdan's epic Western "Wyatt Earp," and for Philip Kaufman's Oscar-nominated "The Right Stuff." Quaid's impressive body of work includes "Switchback"; "Gang Related"; "Something to Talk About," opposite Julia Roberts and Robert Duvall; the fantasy action-adventure film "Dragon Heart"; Steve Kloves' "Flesh and Bone"; Alan Parker's World War II saga "Come See The Paradise"; Taylor Hackford's "Everybody's All-American," opposite Jessica Lange; Peter Yates' "Suspect," with Cher; "D.O.A.," opposite Meg Ryan; James McBride's "The Big Easy"; and Joe Dante's "Innerspace."

Quaid showcased his musical talents in the films "The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia," "Tough Enough," and "Great Balls of Fire."

Quaid began acting in high school and studied theatre at the University of Houston. Soon after his arrival in Hollywood he landed the plum role of a working class tough in "Breaking Away." Other early film credits include "The Long Riders" with his brother Randy Quaid, "September 30, 1955," "Crazy Mama," "Dreamscape," "All Night Long," "Our Winning Season," "Caveman," "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden," and "Enemy Mine."

In 1983 Quaid starred with Mickey Rooney in the Emmy Award-winning television movie "Bill" and its sequel, "Bill: On His Own." A year later he starred with Randy Quaid in the Off-Broadway production of Sam Shepard's "True West," which he later reprised in Los Angeles. After working on "Any Given Sunday," Quaid immediately segued into a starring role in "Frequency," directed by Gregory Hoblit and also starring Jim Caviezel. "Frequency" is slated for release in early Summer 2000.


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