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MICHAEL BOWEN (Rick Spector) grew up in the North Beach section of San Francisco, amonst the heroes of the Beat Era and the Psychedelic Era, where he studied acting and painting.

He is the youngest of the Carradine brothers (same mother).

Michael is a familiar face on the big screen and television, always bringing a strong sense of reality and professionalism to every role. His prolific credits include the features Jackie Brown, Echo Park, Valley Girl, Excess Baggage, Love and a .45, Less Than Zero, Amazing Grace and Chuck, Natural Selection, The Player, etc.

He has starred in many high-profile M.O.W.'s, among them "Trial by Fire," "The Ryan White Story," "The Abduction of Kari Swenson," "Bonnie and Clyde," etc.

He is married with three children and currently resides in Ventura County, California.

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