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FREDDIE PRINZE JR.'s dark good looks, effortless charm and burgeoning talents landed him his first screen role and kiss opposite Claire Danes. Starring roles in "The House Of Yes" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" quickly followed.

Prinze, who is fast becoming one of Hollywood's most sought after leading men, recently dazzled audiences in Miramax's "She's All That," co-starring Rachael Leigh Cook. The film was #1 at the box office on its opening weekend and, to date, has grossed over $60 million in the US. The pairing of the two lead actors garnered Prinze and Cook a 1999 MW Movie Award nomination for Best On- Screen Duo.

Immediately following DOWN TO YOU, Prinze begins work on Universal Pictures' "Head Over Heels," which reunites him with director Mark Waters ("The House of Yes"). Prinze will star opposite Monica Potter in this film about an art restorer, her supermodel roommates, and her interest in a man she thinks may have killed someone.

Roles in exceptional films have come quickly for Prinze. After appearing with Michelle Pfeiffer, Peter Gallagher, and Claire Danes in "To Gillian on her 37~" Birthday," he went on to star opposite Parker Posey in the well-received independent feature film "The House of Yes." The highly successful box office smash "I Know What You Did Last Summer" followed with an ensemble cast that included Ryan Philippe, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. In addition, Prinze reprised his role in the sequel, "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer."
Recently, Prinze starred opposite Matthew Lillard in Fox's action/adventure film "Wing Commander," directed by Chris Roberts (who created and directed the highly successful CD ROM game series of the same name). Recent credits also include: Graham Theakston's "VIG," co-starring Peter Falk, Lauren Holly, and Tim Hutton, in which he plays a tough underworld up-and-corner; and a cameo appearance in Darren Stein's "Sparkler."

After finishing high school, Prinze left his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Los Angeles to focus on his acting career. He began working in episodic television and his first starring role soon followed with the title role in the ABC After-School-Special "Too Soon For Jeff." He also starred in the ABC Movie of the Week "Detention: Siege at Johnson High," with Rick Schroeder and Henry Winkler.

In his free time, Prinze, who is still living in Los Angeles, enjoys the world of animation and is quite proficient on many of today's high-tech computer games.


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