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Rap music impresario D.J. POOH (Writer/Director) solidifies his entrance into the world of filmmaking with his directorial debut on 3 Strikes. Pooh co-wrote the hit film Friday with Ice Cube also had a co-starring role in the film as "Redd." Pooh's musical talents provided him with his first film experience when he was brought in during post-production in John Singleton's debut Boyz 'N The Hood to contribute to the film's score and to produce the soundtrack.

Pooh, who has his own 48-track studio and video editing facility in Los Angeles, has musical credits including Tha Dogg Pound's "Dog Food," Tupac Shakur's "All Eyes on Me" and Snoop Doggy Dogg's sophomore LP "The Doggfather." Pooh also filmed and produced many of these albums' videos. In addition to his double-duty on 3 Strikes, Pooh is an executive producer on the 3 Strikes soundtrack released by Priority Records.


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