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TOM ENGELMAN joined Interscope Communications in 1994. At lnterscope, he has produced Deran Serafian's "Terminal Velocity" (written and executive-produced by Pitch Black filmmaker David Twohy); and Michael Cohn's critically acclaimed "Snow White: A Tale of Terror."

Engelman has also been involved with many other lnterscope productions.

Before joining Interscope, Engelman produced "The Temp.

He has also headed Laurence Mark Productions. There, he oversaw the development and production of such films as "Working Girl," "Black Widow," and "Cookie." Just prior, as a creative executive at Twentieth Century' Fox, Engelman participated in the development and production of "Big," "Broadcast News," and "The Fly."

Engelman began his film career as a working screenwriter while still a graduate student of English and Drama at Stanford University. He also has an extensive background in theater.


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