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BRIAN DE PALMA (Director) has created a slate of classic suspense thrillers which continue to set standards for visual style. His most recent films include the box-office success "Mission: Impossible," starring Tom Cruise, and "Snake Eyes," starring Nicolas Cage.

Born in Philadelphia, an early gift for science, winning prizes twice at the prestigious National Science Fair. He became interested in drama while studying physics at Columbia University. He began to participate in student theater and went on to make his own short films. Eventually, he switched majors to film studies and continued at the graduate level at Sarah Lawrence College.

De Palma's first feature, the low-budget "The Wedding Party," which he also wrote, marked the film debuts of its stars Robert De Niro and Jill Clayburgh. The director attracted initial attention with the 1 968 counter-culture comedy "Greetings," and its sequel, "Hi, Mom!" was released two years later. After De Palma's first studio film, "Get to Know Your Rabbit," he turned his hand to suspense with "Sisters," followed by the rock satire-thriller "Phantom of the Paradise." He then directed "Obsession," but it was his adaptation of Stephen King's "Carrie" that marked De Palma's first major box-office hit. For "Carrie," Sissy Spacek was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress, and Piper Laurie was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actress.

Films that followed were "The Fury," "Home Movies," "Dressed to Kill," "Blow Out," starring John Travolta, and the gangster epic "Scarface," starring Al Pacino, which redefined the genre, "Body Double" and the comedy "Wise Guys," starring Danny De Vito and Harvey Keitel, De Palma then directed the blockbuster "The Untouchables," starring Kevin Costner and Robert De Niro, and for which Sean Connery won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Among Mr. De Palma's De Palma demonstrated other films are "Casualties of War," starring Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn, "Bonfire of the Vanities," starring Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis, "Raising Cain," starring John Lithgow, and "Carlito's Way," starring Al Pacino.

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