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JAMES MARSDEN (Derrick) starred opposite Katie Holmes in "Disturbing Behavior." He will next be seen in the dark comedy "Sugar & Spice," and he portrays the superpowered mutant, Cyclops, in the upcoming feature film adaptation of "The X-Men," based upon the popular comic book.

The Oklahoma native starred as Ricky in the critically lauded, family-oriented drama "Second Noah." He has appeared in numerous telefllms, including "Bella Mafla"; "On the Edge of Innocence"; "Taken Away," opposite Jill Fikenberry; "The Bloody Barkers," with Eric Roberts and Theresa Russell; "Search and Rescue"; "Ambush at Waco"; and "No Desert Dad Until You Mow the Lawn." His other television appearances include "Saved by the Bell," "Party of Five," "Boogie's Diner," "Blossom" and "The Nanny."


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