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SOFIA COPPOLA makes her feature film debut as director and writer of THE VIRGIN SUICIDES for American Zoetrope, Muse Productions and Eternity Pictures. She adapted the screenplay from Jeffrey Eugenides' best-selling novel.

Twenty-seven year old Coppola studied Fine Art at Cal Arts and has worked as a photographer and fashion designer. Coppola's photos have been seen in Interview, Paris Vogue, Allure and at a recent photo exhibit at Tokyo's Parco Gallery.

Prior to that, Coppola co-wrote and costume designed for the "Life with Zoe" segment of New York Stories, directed by father Francis Ford Coppola. In 1989, Coppola designed the costumes for the cult classic The Spirit of '76, and appeared as Mary Corleone in The Godfather III the following year. In 1994, Coppola and friend Zoe Cassavetes created the pop-culture magazine show, HI-OCTANE, that aired on Comedy Central.

Coppola's Lick the Star, a short which she wrote and directed, is shown on the Independent Film Channel.


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