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In just a few short years, BARRY PEPPER is becoming one of the most in-demand young talents in Hollywood.

Barry is currently co-starring opposite John Travolta in L. Ron Hubbard's epic science fiction story Battlefield Earth, as the hero, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler. As Jonnie, Barry challenges the dark forces on planet Earth in the year 3000 harnessed by Travolta's evil alien character, Terl. The movie is slated for a year 2000 release.

Most recently, Barry has been seen in Enemy of the State, with Will Smith and Gene Hackman, and in the Academy Award-winning Saving Private Ryan, where he had "an indelible presence as the stoic marksman-sniper," according to Entertainment Weekly

And, upcoming in December 1999, Barry will appear in the Stephen King thriller The Green Mile, also starring Tom Hanks and Sam Rockwell.

At the age of five, Barry and his family took off for five years on a 50-foot sailboat, voyaging to the islands of the South Pacific. After returning to Canada, the family lived on a farm, and after two years in college studying marketing and graphic design, Barry discovered theatre, his true passion, by becoming involved in a Vancouver Actors Studio. He was hooked and has never looked back.

His favorite pursuits, following acting, are surfing, sky diving, riding horses, hockey, fly fishing, rock climbing and mountain biking—all of which have prepared him well for the very physical role in Battlefield Earth of Jonnie Goodboy Tyler.


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