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Producer TREVOR ALBERT is partnered with Harold Ramis in Ocean Pictures, a production company based on the Twentieth Century Fox lot. He began his 20-year association with Harold Ramis on "Caddyshack."

As a journalism and film major at the University of California at San Diego, Albert worked his way through college as a journalist for the San Diego Reader, and upon graduation, moved to Los Angeles to pursue work in the film industry.

After working as a film researcher for Universal Pictures and Warner Bros., Albert was an assistant to producer Jon Peters and Barbra Streisand. Peters' stint as executive producer of Harold Ramis' directorial debut, "Caddyshack" marked the beginning of Albert's and Ramis' long-term working relationship. Albert subsequently served as a production associate on "National Lampoon's Vacation," and associate producer on "Club Paradise."

Albert then produced Ramis' "Groundhog Day," starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, and, with Lorne Michaels, produced "Stuart Saves His Family," in which Al Franken reprised his "Saturday Night Live" persona Stuart Smalley. Most recently, Albert produced Ramis' comedy, "Multiplicity," starring Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell.

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