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BRENDAN FRASER (Elliot Richards), a versatile young actor with a unique talent for tapping into the humane and often lighthearted nature of his characters, cemented his reputation as a major film presence in Stephen Sommers' smash hit action/horror adventure, "The Mummy." An ambitious retooling of the 1932 horror classic, the new version starred Fraser as an American serving in the French Foreign Legion who becomes involved with an English archaeological expedition -- and the ancient secrets they unleash. The film also starred Rachel Weisz and John Hannah.

Fraser is currently at work on the sequel to this 1999 hit. "The Mummy Returns" reteams director Stephen Sommers and co-stars Rachel Weisz and John Hannah.

Fraser was most recently seen as the title character in Hugh Wilson's live action version of Jay Ward's classic 1960's cartoon, "Dudley Do-Right." Co-starring with Sarah Jessica Parker and Alfred Molina, the story followed the adventures of the bumbling Canadian Mountie who "always gets his man" - the villainous Snidely Whiplash.

The actor continues to build an impressive array of credits with a series of upcoming projects. He recently completed work on the supernatural adventure "Monkeybone" a blend of live action and animation. Directed by Henry Selick, Fraser plays an illustrator with a hit animated television show who, after winding up in a coma, must join forces with one of his creations to outwit the character Death and escape the purgatory, a.k.a. DownTown. Twentieth Century Fox releases the film in 2001.

In January 2001, Fraser will begin work on "The Quiet American," based on Graham Greene's 1955 Vietnam-based thriller. Phillip Noyce will direct the film, which also stars Michael Caine. The film is set to shoot in Australia and Vietnam. Later in 2001, Fraser will begin rehearsals in London for the role of 'Brick' in a West End production of Tennessee Williams' "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof." Tony® Award winner Anthony Page will direct and Frances O'Connor will star opposite Fraser in the role of Maggie Pollitt.

In the New Line comedy "Blast From the Past," directed by Hugh Wilson, Fraser starred as a young man whose father mistakes a plane crash for a cold war style Armageddon and locks his family in a bomb shelter for thirty years. The film also starred Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek.

His thoughtful and understated performance in Bill Condon's "Gods and Monsters," gained Fraser critical notice. Starring Sir Ian McKellen, the film, set in the "golden days" of Hollywood, chronicles the controversial life and death of "Frankenstein" director James Whale. The film also starred Lynn Redgrave.

Previously, Fraser starred in the romantic comedy, "Still Breathing," opposite Joanna Going and directed by Jim Robinson. Fraser was named Best Actor at the 1997 Seattle Film Festival for his portrayal of an eccentric romantic whose midnight vision of a woman who would be his lifelong love sends him on an adventure to find her.

Fraser won worldwide acclaim in the title role of Walt Disney Productions' $100 million smash hit "George of the Jungle," based on the 1960's Tarzan spoof created by Jay Ward. Directed by Sam Weisman, and co-starring Leslie Mann, the film follows the adventures of the gentle ape-man as he collides with love, civilization and a large number of stationary objects.

In addition to his acerbic-witted role starring opposite Shirley MacLame in Richard Benjamin's "Mrs. Winterbourne," Fraser is also noted for his performances in Les Mayfield's "Encino Man," Robert Mandel's "School Ties," Alek Keshishian's "With Honors," Michael Lehmann's "Airheads," Michael Ritchie's "The Scout" and his critically acclaimed performance in Showtime's movie adaptation of Jonathan Tolin's ens


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