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After completing one year of college at Boston University, Oscar-winning actress MARISA TOMEI (Polly) was lured back to her native New York to co-star in the daytime television soap As the World Turns and, subsequently, One Life to Live. After making her feature debut in The Flamingo Kid, Tomei starred as Lisa Bonet's roommate in the hit TV series A Different World.

In 1992 she won an Oscar" as Joe Pesci's street-smart girlfriend in the hit comedy My Cousin Vinny. She graduated to leading actress in such romances as Untamed Heart and Only You. She starred as Michael Keaton's wife in Ron Howard's comedy The Paper and displayed her versatility in such dramas as The Perez Family, Unhook the Stars and Welcome to Sarajevo. She recently starred in the delightful comedy The Slums of Beverly Hills and will next be seen in Happy Accidents.


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