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BEN AFFLECK reveals the flip-side of hot-shot advertising executive Buddy Amaral, an inveterate charmer who goes into a tailspin after he decides not to a board a plane that crashes.

Affleck will next be seen starring in the epic "Pearl Harbor" and begins work on "Changing Lanes." In 2001, Affleck will begin production on "The Sum of All Fears," taking on the role of the Tom Clancy hero Jack Ryan.

Affleck recently partnered with Matt Damon, Chris Moore and Sean Bailey to form LivePlanet, Inc. Among the projects on the LivePlanet slate are "The Runner," a reality series for ABC in which a single contestant, crisscrossing the country performing specific tasks, tries to avoid being identified by viewers who have been tipped to his/her location; and "Greenlight," a reality series for HBO in which an aspiring filmmaker will receive $1 million and opportunity to direct his/her first feature. Aspiring directors submit screenplays to the "Greenlight" webside,

Affleck captured an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award in 1998 for his first script, "Good Will Hunting," which he co-wrote with Damon. He segued into big-budget action with "Armageddon" and was among the ensemble cast of the Academy Award winning "Shakespeare in Love." He went on to star in the romantic comedy "Forces of Nature," the fantastical comedy "Dogma" and the suspense thriller "Reindeer Games." His other film credits include "Boiler Room," "Chasing Amy," "Going All the Way," "Mall Rats," "Cruz," "Dazed and Confused" and "School Ties."


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