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Director/producer ROBERT ZEMECKIS earned the Best Director Oscar for "Forrest Gump," which also was named Best Picture and earned Tom Hanks the Best Actor Oscar in 1995. Most recently, Zemeckis produced and directed the psychological thriller "What Lies Beneath" starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Both CAST AWAY and "What Lies Beneath" are the premiere film projects for ImageMovers, the production company Zemeckis established in 1998 with partners Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke.

His other films include "Contact," starring Jodie Foster and based on the best selling novel by Carl Sagan and the box-office smash "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," which became the top-grossing film of 1988. In 1985, he directed and co-wrote "Back to the Future," which also topped the annual box-office chart. Zemeckis went on to direct the film's two sequels, completing one of the most popular trilogies ever. His other films include "Romancing the Stone," "Death Becomes Her," "Used Cars" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."

He executive produced "The Frighteners" ,""The Public Eye" and "Trespass," which he co-wrote with Bob Gale. Gale and Zemeckis also wrote "1941 ," which began their professional relationship with Steven Spielberg.

Zemeckis has also directed several projects for the small screen, including the Showtime feature length documentary, "The Pursuit of Happiness," which looks at the influence and effect of drugs and alcohol on society in the 20th century. He also served as executive producer for the documentary. Additionally, he directed an episode of Spielberg's "Amazing Stories" and an episode of HBO's "Tales From the Crypt, " as well as executive produced and directed the pilot episode of the 1993 CBS series "Johnny Bago," a series he also helped create.


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