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Director JOHN DAHL's 1993 film "Red Rock West" was hailed as modern film noir filled with humor and twists. The picture starred Nicolas Cage as a man who is mistaken for a contract killer hired by Dennis Hopper to do in a seductress played by Lara Flynn Boyle.

Dahl followed "Red Rock West" with another critically acclaimed thriller. "The Last Seduction," starring Linda Fiorentino as a femme fatale who ditches her husband, Bill Pullman, in New York City after stealing money he's made from a drug deal. She then wreaks havoc on a small town man, Peter Berg, using him as a patsy.

In 1994 Dahl received the Los Angeles Film Critics Association New Generation Award for "Red Rock West" and "The Last Seduction."

Dahl's credits also include "Kill Me Again" starring Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, "Unforgettable," a thriller starring Ray Liotta and Linda Fiorentino; and ''Rounders,'' a drama set in the world of high stakes poker, starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich.

Dahl entered the industry as a storyboard artist on films such as "Something Wild," "RoboCop" and "Married to the Mob," and as an assistant director. He attended the American Film Institute as a directing fellow, and later helmed music video shorts.


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