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The ravishing young laundress who inspires the affections of both the Marquis De Sade and his priestly captor is played by two-time Academy Award nominee KATE WINSLET. After making an auspicious debut in Peter Jackson's "Heavenly Creatures," Winslet came to the fore starring with Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman in Ang Lee's "Sense and Sensibility," garnering an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Then Winslet won hearts all over the world starring opposite Leonardi DiCaprio in the mammoth romantic epic "Titanic." She received both Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for her performance.

Winslet has also starred with Christopher Eccleston in Michael Winterbottom's screen adaptation of Thomas Hardy's "Jude the Obscure" and Kenneth Branagh chose her as his Ophelia in his full-length version of "Hamlet." Following "Titanic," she starred in the more intimate drama "Hideous Kinky," based on Esther Freud's semi-autobiographical story of women caught up in the hippie trail to Morocco. She most recently starred in Jane Campion's "Holy Smoke."


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