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PATRICK WARBURTON (Kronk) puts muscle and laughter into the role of Yzma's easily distracted "right hand man" who usually gets things wrong. Well-intentioned but often oblivious to the big picture, this muscle-bound manservant aims to please but often misses the mark by a mile.

"He's about as sharp as a marble," observes Warburton. "He's a big sort of lovable guy who likes to cook spinach puffs and converse with the animals. He really is a savant of sorts. He also happens to be Yzma's whipping boy and she's not exactly the easiest woman to please. Kronk has no malice. He's just taken the wrong path. I think the audience is rooting for him to get out because he's basically a real sweetheart.

"What's fun about doing this role is that Kronk is not traditionally bad; he's just working for the wrong team. There's a lot of hope for him and he resonates goodness of heart. He also seems to be very adaptable to whatever is going on around him.

"I think Yzma is destined to be one of the great villainesses," says Warburton. "Although she is wretched, there is something humorous about her and she is pretty silly looking. Playing Kronk was a lot of fun and it really gave me a chance to create a character using my vocal intonations and inflections. You get a character in your head and you just know when it feels right and when it doesn't. My kids are thrilled that I'm a character in a Disney film and so am I."

Warburton is well known to television viewers of the hit NBC comedy "Seinfeld," where he played Elaine's on-again, off-again boyfriend Puddy, the laconic, enigmatic, quirky Saab salesman. After a two-year stint on the CBS sitcom "Dave's World," Warburton received the call for a one-episode appearance as the painted-faced New Jersey Devils fan. His role grew from there, and he became one of the show's funniest fixtures. With his role on the television series "Family Guy" as the voice of Joe, recurring roles on several television series (including "NewsRadio"), and memorable commercial spots for Cadillac, M&Ms, and American Express (as the voice of Superman alongside Seinfeld), Warburton has become one of the country's favorite character actors.

Warburton's resume is expanding to roles on the silver screen as well. He is the star of "The Woman Chaser," which received critical acclaim at the New York and Sundance film festivals, and recently won the Audience Choice Award at the Austin Film Festival. The actor was also recently seen in Showtime's "The Apartment Complex" and had a cameo in the box-office hit "Scream 3."

Warburton can currently be heard on television in the title role of "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command," which premiered last October on ABC and in syndication. He will also be seen in Fox's "The Tick," a live-action series based on the popular comic, produced by Barry Levinson. Among his upcoming films are roles in "Camouflage," "The Dish," and Touchstone Pictures' live-action comedy "Big Trouble."


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