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DAVID SPADE (Kuzco) brings his sarcastic edge and unique brand of humor to this arrogant and insensitive young Emperor who is reluctant to change his selfish ways.

The popular comedian/actor jokes about how he got the part: "My nasally sarcastic monotone voice seems to really sell tickets. It really generates interest. America loves it.

"Seriously though, I was excited to be part of a Disney movie. It's an honor and it's been fun. It's something my friends' kids can always look at. It'll go in my little time capsule. After doing these sessions for so many years, it's all falling into place and starting to seem real.

"I'm never the good guy," he adds. "I'm getting used to that. But my character has spunk and charisma and a little ‘vivre de llama.' Providing the voice of Kuzco was a great experience. He has some similarities to me and they did film all my Elvis moves during the sessions. The llama looks pretty good although he's not what you would call good-looking.

"John Goodman plays my buddy in the film although we did not record together. I've worked with him on ‘Saturday Night Live' and he's a friend and a cool guy. I have a feel for his delivery and rhythms."

Spade rose to fame on NBC's long-running "Saturday Night Live," where he moved quickly from featured performer to regular cast member to one of the show's all-time favorites. During his five-year stint on "SNL," he honed his comedy talents, creating such unforgettable characters as the Gap Girl, the receptionist-from-hell, the Weekend Update Hollywood Minute reporter, and the rude flight attendant who couldn't wait to tell his passengers, "Ba-bye." Other characters included his uncanny impersonations of actor Michael J. Fox, cult-hero Dennis Leary, comedian Jeff Foxworthy, and singer Tom Petty.

It was also on the show that Spade formed his friendship with the late Chris Farley, and the two were able to parlay their success into two films: the box-office hit "Tommy Boy" and the duo's follow-up, "Black Sheep."

For the past three years, Spade has appeared on the popular NBC television series "Just Shoot Me," where he plays Dennis Finch, the bitter, sarcastic office manager who incessantly tries to date every model who passes through the office of Blush magazine. In the role, Spade has earned nominations for the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

Most recently, Spade made a special appearance in SNL buddy Adam Sandler's movie, "Little Nicky." His other motion picture credits include starring roles in "Lost & Found," "Reality Bites," "Coneheads," "Light Sleeper," and "P.C.U." He recently completed work on "The Adventures of Joe Dirt," a comedy he wrote, which also features Kid Rock, Gary Busey and Roseanne. He also lent his voice to the role of Ranger Frank in the animated feature, "The Rugrats Movie."

Additional television credits include an acclaimed HBO stand-up comedy special, "David Spade: Take the Hit." He also created the NBC animated television series "Sammy."

Even with such a busy schedule, Spade finds time to perform stand-up comedy in theaters and at colleges across the country. He appeared on HBO's critically-acclaimed "The Larry Sanders Show" and was


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