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DONALD PETRIE (Director) made his directorial debut with the critical and commercial box office sensation "'Mystic Pizza" with Julia Roberts and Liii Taylor. Petrie's feature film credits include, the hit comedy "Grumpy Old Men," starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau: "My Favorite Martian." starring Jeff Daniels and Elizabeth Hurley, "The Associate," starring Whoopi Goldberg; "Richie Rich." with Macaulay Culkin; "Opportunity Knocks," with Dana Carvey and "The Favor," starring Elizabeth McGovern. Bill Pullman and Brad Pitt.

Petrie also directed several hours of episodic television, choosing to work only on those series in their first seasons, including "The Players," "MacGyver," "The Equalizer" and "L. A. Law." He received an Emmy nomination for the memorable "L.A. Law" episode. "The Venus Butterfly."


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