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CANDICE BERGEN (Kathy Morningside) is "a beautiful actress who projects intelligence, humor, vulnerability and self-reliance -- all more or less simultaneously," wrote critic Vincent Canby in The New York Times. She proved this every week for 10 years as 'Murphy' on the critically acclaimed CBS comedy "Murphy Brown" for which she received five Emmy awards and two Golden Globe awards. Bergen had earlier received extraordinary critical and audience responses for her performances in "Getting Straight," Mike Nichol's "Carnal Knowledge" and "Starting Over," for which she received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Bergen's newest endeavor is as host of a nightly one-hour talk show on the Oxygen Network, a cable network that launched in 2000. The program, "Exhale," is an intimate, thoughtful, chemically charged one-hour conversation that airs Mondays through Thursdays at 10:00pm.

Bergen attended the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in art and creative writing. While still in college, she commuted to New York for modeling assignments. She was still a student when she made her film debut as the mysterious, glamorous 'Lakey' in "The Group.

Bergen's film credits include starring opposite Steve McQueen and Sir Richard Attenborough in Robert Wise's "The Sand Pebbles"; "'The Day The Fish Came Out"' "Vivre Pour Vivre" with Yves Montand; ""Rich and Famous" with Jacqueline Bisset; Richard Attenborough's "Ghandi"; ""Stick" with Burt Reynolds; "'T.R. Baskin"; "The Adventurers"; "Soldier Blue"' "The Magus"; "The Hunting Party"; "'11 Harrow House"; "The Wind and the Lion"; "Bite the Bullet" "The Domino Principal"; "A Night Full of Rain" and "Oliver's Story."

Candice made her Broadway debut in the critically acclaimed "Hurly Burly," directed by long-term friend Mike Nichols.

Bergen's television credits include three television movies for CBS; "Mayflower Madams" "Murder: By Reason of Insanity" and "Mary & Tim" and the highly rated ABC mini series "Hollywood Wives."

A gifted writer and photographer, Bergen has produced magazine articles and photographic essays filled with intelligence and wit, observing the world with a keen eye for detail and humor. Her work has included cover stories for New York and Life magazines.

Bergen's autobiography, Knock Wood, which she worked on for five years, was released in April 1984 to critical acclaim and enjoyed several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.


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