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DAVID CARUSO (Dino) best known for his explosive television debut on "NYPD Blue" which resulted in a Golden Globe Award and Emmy nomination has from the onset of his feature film career created memorable characters. These portrayals include the terrified flight cadet in "An Officer And A Gentleman," a psychopathic gangster in "China Girl" and the relentless homicide detective opposite Christopher Walken in "The King Of New York."

After starring opposite Robert De Niro in the critically acclaimed "Mad Dog And Glory," he was brought to the attention of Director Barbet Schroeder, who cast him in the lead of "Kiss Of Death," with Nicolas Cage and Helen Hunt. He later went on to star in "Jade," "Body Count," "Cold Around The Heart" and Showtime's 'Gold Coast."

Caruso returned to television last year in "Michael Hayes," a series for CBS where he played the title character, a former cop turned federal prosecutor based on the early days of Mayor Rudolph Guiliani's career. He once again received rave reviews for his performance. More recently, he appeared in TNT's "Deadlocked" with Charles Dutton.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Caruso now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.


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