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Marina of Pretensa
A most promising young apprentice at the Magic School, Marina comes from one of the better families in the empire and still has much to learn about the harsh realities of life. She assists Vildan and the two of them have grown quite fond of one another. She rarely leaves his side, let alone the secure confines of the school of magic.

She is somewhat bookish, and follows her master's penchant for knowledge instead of power. Though her magical training has not yet reached the Third Tier, she has access to many of Vildan's rare and unusual magical devices, potions, and powders. Her lack of confidence in her own abilities causes her to rely on these "props" more than most mages would.

Zoe McLellan
One of Hollywood's rising stars, Zoe McLellan was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and was able to explore professional acting without leaving home. She made her first appearance on an episode of Americas Most Wanted. Soon after, she landed her first big movie as 'Girl Number Two' opposite Richard Dreyfuss in the award-winning Mr. Holland's Opus. All roads pointed to Hollywood and on her first day in Los Angeles, she auditioned and won the role of 'Girl Number Three' in Inventing the Abbotts. Things looked good.

It wasn't long before McLellan began working non-stop in a string of leading roles with more diversity and scope. These included an expansive range of characters from the schizophrenic biologist in the feature Total Stranger, to the weak and fearful hostage in NBC's Home Invasion and as the tough detective with a death wish in the pilot spinoff of Diagnosis Murder.

Science fiction producers can't get enough of McLellan. Fans will remember her as the evil alternate version of Quinn Mallory on the series Sliders, her recurring appearances as the insecure crew member on Star Trek: Voyager and her current recurring role of the brilliant but mysterious young scientist on USA's Invisible Man. Back in the real world, she recently starred as the loving and supportive girlfriend in the indie feature Stonebrook opposite Seth Green and Brad Rowe. McLellan is grateful for the tremendous range of roles that she has been given the opportunity to play in just four short years.

McLellan currently lives in Los Angeles, where between acting assignments she loves hiking, camping and Bikram Yoga.


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