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Courtney Solomon is a producer/director with the tenacity and intelligence to follow his vision. Born in Toronto, Canada in 1970, Solomon grew up on film sets with his mother, a production coordinator. After working on more than 20 film and television productions in various capacities, at the age of 20, Solomon started his own production company, Sweetpea Entertainment. Shortly thereafter he optioned the film rights to the world famous game, "Dungeons & Dragons" and two years later he purchased all media and co-merchandising rights to "D&D" while completing the first draft of the screenplay with writers Topper Lilien and Carroll Cartwright. This began his 10-year odyssey to bring the film to the big screen. 

He partnered with well-known Hong Kong entrepreneur Allan Zeman. After years of scriptwriting and abandoned attempts to finance the film, Solomon devised a strategy to finance the project independently. The process included securing a large amount of equity financing obtaining foreign pre-sales and partnering with executive producer Joel Silver. In May of 1999, Solomon began principal photography on Dungeons and Dragons in Prague, Czech Republic. Then he ventured into approximately 14 months of post-production which included completing over 400 of the most complicated visual effects ever included in a film. 

Next, Solomon will produce the comic book adaptation of "GEN 13" retitled as Seventh Graders for Walt Disney Pictures. His production company also has a slate of properties in development that include The Bell Witch and Puppetland. Solomon is currently in the process of deciding on his next directing project. 

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