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PATRICK LUSSIER came to directing after a successful career behind the scenes as an editor. His long professional association with horror master West Craven began when Lussier was editing Craven's television series, "Nightmare Cafe" Following that series, he was invited to cut the director's genre- smashing reinterpretation of his "Elm Street" creation, "Wes Craven's New Nightmare." An integral part of Craven's filmmaking family from then on, Lussier has edited all of his subsequent films, including the hugely successful Dimension "Scream" trilogy and the Oscar-nominated "Music of the Heart." For other directors, Lussier has edited "Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later," "Mimic," "D3: The Mighty Ducks," "Dr. Who: Enemy Within," as well as several other movies of the week and television series including "MacGyver" and "Highlander." Lussier was nominated for two consecutive years for the Gemini Award for Best Editing for "Adrift" and "Heads." He recently made his directorial debut with the Dimension film "Prophesy III: The Ascent," starring Christopher Walken, Vincent Spano and Brad Dourif.


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