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GEORGE CLOONEY (Ulysses Everett McGill) most recently starred in the box office hit "The Perfect Storm," directed by Wolfgang Petersen. He also earned unified critical acclaim for his role as Sergeant Major Archie Gates in last year's award-winning drama "Three Kings." In 1998, he starred as fugitive bank robber Jack Foley in the Oscar®-nominated "Out of Sight," the film adaptation of Elmore Leonard's best-selling novel.

His previous feature film credits include starring roles in "The Peacemaker" and "Batman & Robin." Clooney also starred in the romantic comedy "One Fine Day" and the vampire thriller "From Dusk Till Dawn."

He is known to television audiences for his Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, People's Choice and Emmy-nominated portrayal of Dr. Douglas Ross on "ER."

Clooney's creative inclination lies behind the camera as well. He and partner Steve Soderbergh have formed a film production company, Section Eight, and Clooney continues to develop television projects through his Maysville Pictures. He recently executive produced and starred in a live television broadcast of "Fail-Safe." The Emmy Award-winning telefilm was based on the 1960's novel of the same name.

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