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LENA OLIN plays Josephine, the first person in Lansquenet who dares to change her life. Olin last collaborated with Juliette Binoche on Philip Kaufman's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being." for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Her most recent film credits include Roman Polanski's "The Ninth Gate" with Johnny Depp. Kinka Usher's "Mystery Men," Theresa Connellx 's "Polish Wedding" and Sidney Lumet's "Night Falls on Manhattan." She will next be seen in "Ignition" with Bill Pullman and "The Queen of the Damned" based on the Anne Rice novel.

Olin previously was nominated for an Academy Award and won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress starring in Paul Mazurskv' s "Enemies: A Love Story" with Ron Silver and Anjelica Huston. Her other film credits include Peter Medak's "Romeo Is Bleeding.

Mike Figgis' "Mr. Jones" with Richard Gere and Sydney Pollack's "Havana" with Robert Redford.

Born in Sweden. Olin's career started at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm \\here she was directed by Ingmar Bergman, playing in the classics of Shakespeare, Ibsen and Strindberg. She made her international debut as a movie actress in Bergman's "After The Rehearsal" and went on to appear in his "Fanny' and Alexander."

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