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EUGENE LEVY's (Mr. Keyes) feature film acting credits include "Best in Show" (which he also co-wrote), "American Pie" (for which he won a Blockbuster Award), "Waiting for Guffman (which he also co-wrote), "Multiplicity", "Father of the Bride", "I Love Trouble", "Stay Tuned", "Father of the Bride 2", "Speed Zone", "Armed and Dangerous", "Club Paradise", "Splash", "Running", and "National Lampoon's Vacation".

Levy began his career as both an actor and a writer for eight seasons on the acclaimed sketch comedy series "SCTV," eventually branching into directing "Second City's 15th Anniversary Special," on which he also served as an actor and a producer. Levy's other hyphenate credits include "The Last Polka" (actor/writer); television's "Autobiographies: The Enigma of Bobby Bittman" (actor/writer/producer); the series "Maniac Mansion" (creator/writer/director/producer); and Showtime's "Sodbusters" (writer/producer). Other television acting credits include "Hiller and Diller;" "Bride of Boogedy;" and "Billy Crystal - Don't Get Me Started."

Levy currently resides in Toronto, Canada, with his wife, Deb, and their two children.


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