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Academy Award-nominee GREG KINNEAR portrays Ray Brown, the new executive producer of The Diane Roberts Show, who falls in love with Jane, only to break her heart.

Greg Kinnear continues to build on his already impressive film resume with roles in Neil LaBute's "Nurse Betty" co-starring Renee Zellweger, and which was acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival, and Sam Raimi's "The Gift," co-starring Cate Blanchett and Hilary Swank. Kinnear next begins production on "We Were Soldiers Once ... And Young," in which he stars alongside Mel Gibson and Chris Klein.

Kinnear successfully established himself as a respected member of Hollywood's acting community with his heartfelt performance as Jack Nicholson's unfortunate neighbor in James L. Brooks' Academy Award-nominated film "As Good As It Gets." His earnest portrayal not only garnered him critical raves, but also resulted in his being named Best Supporting Actor by the National Board of Review and receiving Best Supporting Actor nominations from the Golden Globes, The Screen Actors Guild Award® and the Academy Award.

Kinnear made his feature film debut in the Sydney Pollack-directed remake "Sabrina," in which he co-starred with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. His debut performance in "Sabrina" prompted the trade organization of movie theater owners to name him NATO ShoWest's "Star of Tomorrow." He followed his role in "Sabrina" with a starring role in "Dear God," directed by Garry Marshall. Following his Oscar nominated performance in "As Good As It Gets," he co-staffed in Nora Ephron's hit romantic comedy "You've Got Mail," opposite Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, starred in Mike Nichols' "What Planet Are You From?" and appeared in a cameo role as Captain Amazing in "Mystery Men."

Kinnear first gained prominence as the animated, wisecracking host of E! Entertainment Television's "Talk Soup," where he won an Emmy Award, rave reviews, and established an almost a cult-like following. As the host and executive producer of "Talk Soup," Kinnear provided often hilarious commentary on clips from such programs as "Sally Jesse Raphael," "Jerry Springer" and "Montel."

In 1994 Kinnear became the host and executive producer of his own NBC late night talk show, "Later with Greg Kinnear." Under Kinnear, the lively half-hour format which featured in-depth interviews with one guest each night, along with occasional short, light-hearted segments relating to or involving the guest, the show was a ratings success.

With his father in the State Department, Kinnear grew up all over the world. He earned a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Arizona and moved to Los Angeles upon graduation. There, he landed a job at a low-budget film company and not long after won a slot as host on a fledgling cable channel called Movietime, which was later taken over by HBO and renamed E! Entertainment Television.

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