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GERARD STEMBRIDGE gives the romantic comedy a polyamorous twist with with ABOUT ADAM, the story of a man who sows romance wherever he goes, including amongst his fiancee's family. Stembridge made his critically acclaimed feature film debut at the 1995 Venice Film Festival with "Guiltrip."

Known as one of Ireland's leading writers, Stembridge is known for his work in radio (the influential satire "Scrap Saturday"), television ("The Truth About Claire") and stage ("Lovechild.") His reputation as one of Ireland's most inventive playwrights and directors was enhanced through his acclaimed version of "A Comedy of Errors" for the Abbey Theatre and through original works such as "The Gay Detective."

More recently, he wrote the screenplay for "Ordinary Decent Criminal," directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan and starring Kevin Spacey and Linda Fiorentino. He also co-wrote "Nora," a feature about James Joyce and Nora Barnacle starring Ewan McGregor and Susan Lynch.


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