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DOUG McHENRY (Director) is a filmmaker and producer whose credits include ground-breaking comedies and dramas. And with his filmmaking and producing partner, the late George Jackson, the two set the standard for soundtrack production and marketing for films including "Krush Groove" and the classic "New Jack City."

McHenry's last directorial outing was the romantic drama "Jason's Lyric" starring "Kingdom Come's" Jada Pinkett Smith, Allen Payne and Forest Whitaker. With Jackson McHenry co-directed and co-produced "House Party 2" starring Kid 'N Play, Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin. Jackson and McHenry also co-produced "House Party 3;" "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" starring Martin Lawrence; "The Walking Dead" which was directed by Preston A. Whitmore II and starred Joe Morton, Eddie Griffin and Allen Payne; "New Jack City" directed by and starring Mario Van Peebles with Wesley Snipes; and the rap/hip-hop comedy "Krush Groove."


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