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RAIN PHOENIX portrays Emily, the best friend of Desi and the girlfriend of Hugo whose complicity with Hugh's wishes has tragic consequences for all concerned. She was excited to read for the part when she realized the director was Tim Blake Nelson, for she had seen Nelson's previous film, EYE OF GOD, at Sundance the year before and loved it.

Born in Crockett, Texas, Phoenix began her career at the age of three singing with her brother River, who play guitar. The natural inclination towards the world of music which runs through the Phoenix family is evident in Rain's talent as a diversified artist. Her unique musical and dramatic talents stem from a family whose love of the arts was prominently featured in the early years. It is this same artistic environment that has played a major role in the formation of Rain's emerging career as both an actress and a singer.

Following her musical passions, Rain formed a band with her brother River in 1988, known as Aleka's Attic. She also toured with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers for a year and a half and was guest back-up vocals on the featured song "Bang Blame" on REM's hit album "Monster." Phoenix was also a guest vocalist on the Themadore's album "Monkey on Rico" on the song "Everything's Allright."

Merging on the natural connections between music and drama, she began auditioning for television roles and landed guest roles on such series as FAMILY TIES with Michael J. Fox and AMAZING STORIES. Her first feature film was in the Amny Holden Jones film MAID TO ORDER (1987), starring Ally Sheedy and Beverly D'Angelo. In 1991 she appeared as Bonanza Jelly Bean in Gus Van Sant's EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES. And in 1994, she joined her brother Joanquin in Gus Van Sant's critically acclaimed TO DIE FOR. Three years later, she modeled for CK1, the Calvin Klein television campaign, and for Levis in a Dockers print campaign. shot by renowned photography Annie Liebowitz.

Phoenix recently completed two independent films, I WOKE UP EARLY THE DAY I DIED., directed by Aris Iliopolus from a previously unpublished Ed Wood script, also stars Billy Zane, Rosanna Arquette, and Christina Ricci, along with Rain's sister Summer. Rain will also be seen co-starring with Jason London in the comedy-drama SPENT, directed by Gil Cates Jr.


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