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BARRY SONNENFELD (director-producer) has presented his unique world view, sense of humor, and visual style through his work as a director, producer and cinematographer. He has enjoyed commercial and artistic success with his feature film directorial efforts, "Men In Black," "Get Shorty," "The Addams Family," "Addams Family Values," "For Love or Money," and "Wild Wild West."

Beginning his professional career shortly after graduating from NYU Graduate Film School, Sonnenfeld worked with the Coen brothers as their cinematographer on "Blood Simple," "Raising Arizona," and "Miller's Crossing." He also shot "Compromising Positions," "Throw Momma from the Train," "Big," "When Harry Met Sally," and "Misery."

Sonnenfeld was executive producer of the feature "Out of Sight," starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. The film was based on Elmore Leonard's novel, as was "Get Shorty" and the television series "Maximum Bob," for which Sonnenfeld served as both executive producer and director of the pilot episode. He was also executive producer of the series "Fantasy Island," "Secret Agent Man," and most recently, "The Tick" starring Patrick Warburton in the title role. Sonnenfeld directed the pilot of "The Tick," which began its run on Fox in January, 2001. These television projects were produced under the auspices of Sonnenfeld/Josephson Worldwide Entertainment, the company which is sometimes simply referred to as "The Barrys." Sonnenfeld and Josephson also produced "The Crew," the Summer, 2000 Buena Vista release.

Sonnenfeld was the director of photography on the Academy Award® nominated documentary "In Out Water," and received a Best Cinematography Emmy for the telefilm "Out of Step." In addition to his feature and television work, he is also a Clio Award-winning commercial director.


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