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NAVEEN ANDREWS (Sanjay) has captivated audiences of both film and television. Most notable is his dynamic performance as Kip in the Academy Award®-winning film The English Patient. He has also given extraordinary leading performances in other acclaimed productions, including Mighty Joe Young, Karma Sutra, My Own Country, Drowning on Dry Land, Bombay Boys, Wild West, Peacock Boys, and Blessed Art Thou. Awards for his film performances include an Evening Standard Drama Award for Wild West and a Best Actor Award at the Italia Film Festival for Buddha of Suburbia.

Andrews' television career started in his native Great Britain with his brilliant, tour-de force portrayal of Karim in the BBC's Buddha of Surburbia. On American television, he could been seen as a series regular on the ABC/Imagine journalism drama The Beast.

Andrews also finds time in his busy schedule to develop his formidable musical talents. He writes for, sings, and plays guitar. He maintains residences in both London and Los Angeles.


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