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WILLIAM SHATNER (The Mayor) divides his time between acting, directing, and writing. He recently starred in the hit comedy "Miss Congeniality," unveiled his latest adventure novel, The Preserver, and also directed and starred in a film he co-wrote, "Groom Lake," now in post-production. In 1999 Shatner received an Emmy Award for his hilarious performance as the Big Giant Head on NBC's "Third Rock from the Sun."

"Star Trek V" marked Shatner's feature directorial debut. Since then, he has directed episodic television and "Tek War," the first of four 2-hour television movies for the Sci Fi Channel, based on his series of science fiction novels. He serves as executive producer for the series and also stars in the recurring role of Walter Bascom.

Following his best-selling first novel, TekWar, Shatner went on to write a series of science fiction novels including Man 0 'War, in development as a Showtime miniseries, and the memoirs Star Trek Memories (with Chris Kresk) and Star Trek Movie Memories.

Based on his interest in new technology, in 1994 Shatner became CEO of C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, a special effects house that has provided computer-generated imagery to such noted films as "Fly Away Home," "Mimic" and "Dr. Doolittle."

Among his recent acting credits are the feature "Free Enterprise," HBO's "Land of the Free," "National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon" and "Star Trek: Generations." His voice was heard on "Eek the Cat" and Disney's animated series "Hercules," in addition to numerous documentaries. He also hosted "Rescue 911," a 1990 Peoples Choice Award- winner, and "Voice of the Planet," a 10-part TBS series about the environment.

The Montreal native began his career with the Canadian Repertory Company and then joined the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, under Tyrone Guthrie, for a production of "Tamburlaine" which traveled to Broadway. Simultaneously. he wrote plays for the CBC. Upon moving to New York, he appeared on the classic television shows "Playhouse 90" and "Studio One" before making his film debut in "The Brothers Karamazov," followed by "Judgement at Nuremberg" and "The Intruder." During that time he also starred on Broadway in "The World of Suzie Wong" and "A Shot in the Dark." Shatner guest starred in a number of television shows during the 1960s before taking the role that launched a continuing worldwide cultural phenomenon: Captain James T. Kirk in "Star Trek." His numerous television credits include headlining the crime drama "T.J. Hooker."


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