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JEFF BRIDGES (DR. MARK POWELL) has been nominated for Academy Awards® four times. He earned his first Oscar® nomination in 1971 for Best Supporting Actor in Peter Bogdanovich's The Last Picture Show co starring Cybill Shepherd. He received his second nomination three years later, again for Best Supporting Actor, in Michael Cimino's Thunderbolt and Light foot. Bridges received Best Actor and Golden Globe nominations for his performance in Starman.

Most recently, Bridges was nominated in the Best Supporting category for his portrayal of a U.S. President in Rod Lurie's political thriller, The Contender.

Bridges' multi-faceted career has cut a wide swath across all genres. He has starred in numerous box office hits including: Terry Gilliam's offbeat comedic drama, The Fisher King, with Robin Williams; the multi- award nominated The Fabulous Baker Boys, co-starring his brother Beau Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer: opposite Glenn Close in The Jagged Edge; in Francis Ford Coppola's Tucker: The Man and His Dream; Blown Away, co-starring his late father, Lloyd Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones; Peter Weir's Fearless, with Isabella Rosselini and Rosie Perez, and Martin Bell's American Heart, with Edward Furlong, produced by Bridges' company, Asis Productions. That film earned Bridges an IFP/Spirit Award in 1993 for Best Actor.

In 1999, he starred opposite Tim Robbins in the suspense thriller, Arlington Road. Bridges played a major role in The Muse, the Albert Brooks comedy directed by and starring Brooks with Sharon Stone and Andie McDowell, and he starred in Simpatico, the screen version of Sam Shepard's play with Nick Nolte, Sharon Stone and Albert Finney. In 1998, Bridges starred in the Coen Brothers' cult comedy, The Big Lebowsk, and prior to that, starred in Ridley Scott's White Squall, Walter Hill's Wild Bill, John Huston's Fat City and Barbra Streisand's romantic comedy, The Mirror Has Two Faces.

Bridges' other acting credits include Stay Hungry, Bad Company, Against All Odds, Cutter's Way, The Vanishing, Texasville, The Morning After, Nadine, Rancho Deluxe, See You in the Morning, Eight Million Ways to Die, The Last American Hero and Heart of the West.

In 1983, Bridges founded the End Hunger Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding children around the world. He produced End Hunger, a three-hour live television broadcast focusing on world hunger. The production featured Gregory Peck, Jack Lemmon, Burt Lancaster, Bob Newhart, Kenny Loggins and other leading film, television and music stars in an innovative production to educate and inspire action.

Through his company, Asis Productions, he produced Hidden in America, which starred his brother, Beau. That television movie, produced for Showtime, received a Golden Globe nomination in 1996 for Best TV/Cable Film and a Screen Actors Guild nod for Best Actor for Beau Bridges. The film was also nominated for two Emmy Awards. Current Asis projects in development include The Giver based on Lois Lowry's Newberry Award-winning novel.

One of Bridges' other passions is photography. While on the sets of his movies, he is known to take behind-the-scenes stills of the actors, crews and sets. After completion of the film, he edits the images into a book and gives copies to everyone involved. The books, which are not intended for public sale, have become valued by collectors, and Bridges' photos have been featured in several magazines including Premiere and Aperture.

Bridges has also recorded an album, released in 2000, entitled "Be Here Soon". His musical collaborators include David Crosby and Michael McDonald. He lives with his wife and three children in Santa Barbara


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