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JAMES COBURN (Henry J. Waternoose), an Academy Award-winning actor with impressive credits in all areas of the show biz spectrum, gives voice to Monsters, Inc.'s crab-like CEO, a paternal leader who is faced with a severe scream shortage and the crisis of Monstropolis' first human intruder.

Born in Nebraska, James Coburn first began acting at Los Angeles City Colklege. It was there that he won his first award as supporting actor and was able to share the stage with such acting legends as Vincent Price. Moving to New York, he worked in various television commercials and such dramatic series as "Studio One" and "General Electric Theatre." Five years later, he moved back to Los Angeles and continued his sutides under the teachings of Jeff Corey.

After his dazzling performance in John Sturges's "The Magnificent Seven," Coburn went on to delight audiences worldwide with roles in films like "The President's Analyst" (Which he also produced), "The Great Escape," "Golden Girl," and the spy spoofs "Our Man Flint" and "In Like Flint."

Over the course of his career, Coburn has co-starred with many of today's hottest Hollywood talent, including Mel Gibson in "Maverick" and "Payback," Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Eraser," and Eddie Murphy in "The Nutty Professor." In 1999 he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Affliction," opposite Nick Nolte.


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